Stella Artois - Cannes - 2013

To present this work it is necessary to make a quick summary. Maybe not so fast.

In 2013 the internet was quite different. Facebook was already a channel for campaigns and promotions. The difference was engagement. I remember a single post by Stella Artois that got over 600 thousand likes. Organic reach was extremely effective and this allowed us to create the most diverse campaigns.

To promote the Cannes Festival 2013 - Stella Artois, we created an interactive game where Facebook users should create movie posters. Once created, they wrote a synopsis and sent it to the analysis of a creative jury composed of filmmakers, writers and directors. The winner would have the chance to follow the Cannes Festival closely with the team of Stella Artois, including staying on the brand's exclusive yacht and guaranteed presence on the red carpet.

We are inspired by Stella Artois' own campaigns and classic cinema to set the tone of the arts. The scenes were illustrated by the Brazilian artist living in Italy, Shiko. A true master of classical style, Shiko produced true masterpieces. To complete, we created a series of stamps, titles and ornaments that gave the player a varied and fun mechanic to create his films and posters.

Times of a different network but with a lot of interactivity and creativity. This work was developed at the Beta Version agency, for Stella Artois - Ambev. I was the creative director and I also worked in the art direction. I thank my team at the time, composed of many professionals passionate about art and advertising.

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